3 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Space with PH Lamper

Proper lighting offers one of the most effective ways of decorating a room in your house or the office. PH Lamper has all the qualities you need to give the home ample lighting. There’s no need for hiring an interior designer to help you add some life to your space. It’s possible to use the lamp creatively and still come up with some amazing ideas that completely transform your space. However, it’s worth noting that you can only enjoy using the lamp if you avoid some of the most common mistakes made when decorating the office or home with them.

The three common mistakes are as follows:

Ignoring the Kitchen

Ignoring the kitchen is one of the most common errors that people make. The focus tends to be limited to the dining area and the bedroom. The kitchen doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. It receives less attention compared to the bathroom too. What’s worse is the fact that some homeowners forget the kitchen while attending to the outdoors. Therefore, pay some attention to the kitchen. It too needs the decorative attributes of the PH Lamps to make the space more attractive.

Creating Uncomfortable Lighting

It happens that the lighting in a room can feel a little bit uncomfortable. This is common when the room doesn’t have all the different layers of light that it needs. The light should be neither too much nor too little. It should be enough. Harsh light or dim light all have the same effect of causing discomfort and anxiety. Therefore, mix the home with different types of lighting to make it more comfortable. This calls for being a bit more careful when buying the lamps. Choose lamps that give you different types of lighting such as:

  1. Ambient
  2. Task
  3. Accent

Forgetting the Bathroom

Installing PH Lamper in the bathroom depends on several factors. First, is the bathroom big enough to handle the lamps? It would be gravely erroneous on your part to install the lamps in a rundown bathroom. The lamps are for decorating and spicing up spaces. A rundown bathroom needs a lot of improvement first before you can consider installing the lamps. Otherwise, you will only succeed in creating what resembles a monster of a bathroom that only leads to regrets instead of pleasure. Such a bathroom will only haunt you and the rest of your family.

Installing the Wrong Size

Lastly, it’s common to see the wrong lamp sizes in many homes. Ask an interior designer to help you out if choosing the right size is a huge problem for you. The size of the lamp is just as important as its design. Undersized lamps underwhelm the space. Oversized lamps scream for attention and hog all the limelight away from other attributes the space has. Therefore, choose lamps that are not only perfect for your décor, but also fitting the scale of any room where you wish to install it. Create a model and use it to determine the right lamp size to purchase.

Therefore, use this guideline to avoid making some costly mistakes when choosing PH Lamper.

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