Broke Hearts Variety Show @ C-PS

Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St

Broke Hearts Variety Show, and it’s a new take on the old-fashioned variety show concept. Different performers will each be presenting their interpretation of a single theme: heartbreak. There will be a band improvising a live soundtrack to the entire night, tying all these disparate performances together.

–Brian Bouldrey: professor at Northwestern University, author of HONORABLE BANDIT, WRESTLING WITH THE ANGEL, MONSTER: ADVENTURES IN AMERICAN MACHISMO, and more.
–Dakota Michael Loesch: actor/writer/director of KISS LIKE BIG DOGS, a web series selected by Chicago Filmmakers to screen every Friday in February as part of their Friday Night VOLUME series.
–Writers from Indiana University’s nationally-aclaimed MFA program
and more…
Also: weekend before Valentine’s Day, theme of heartbreak as palate cleanser before all that romance…

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