How Animatic Story Boards Can Help Your Business

Animatic story boards are a tool used by video production units to explain on paper a complicated concept or storyline. It is a relatively simple way to explain things, to everyone in the production of the movie, in preparation for the full filming process. It is like the blueprint, from which everyone will work.

An example of an Animatic Storyboard from Famous Frames.
An example of an Animatic Storyboard from Famous Frames.

For those is a certain age a great example of an Animatic Story board would be in the pop video for Aha’s “Take On Me” where the lead singer was initially sketched in pencil prior to coming to life as part of the video. That is how most Animatic Story Boards begin, and should at least enable you to have the concept in your head.

As the leader of any team of company, it is essential that you are able to convey your ideas, so that everyone involved will understand their part of the process. This is not only essential, but is also good leadership. It is the equivalent of giving your team the road map that they need to follow to get to the required destination.

Animatic Storyboards, are the perfect tool to utilize in any business to get your ideas and concepts across. They give you the opportunity of breaking down the processes into simple easy to understand concepts, and if necessary you could even design a specific story board for each department, which would then flow into the overall project. This is the perfect way to show people how their input and work is both valuable, and how it fits into the overall project. Not only is it a tool for explaining things to the team, it is also an opportunity to ensure that each team member feels valued and can see their personal contribution to the project.

Different people within an organization will also react differently to teaching materials, with some people preferring to read, whilst others like to watch instructional videos. The concept behind Animatic story boards is that they simplify the information, and also can provide a little bit of fun and light entertainment when you are trying to get your point across.

The drawings themselves don’t need to be overly complicated or great masterpieces, their job is simply to get your message across. There are numerous low cost pieces of software that will help you produce your storyboard, but the key thing to remember here is that you are not trying to win an Oscar. Work out exactly the points you want to get across and then focus your efforts on achieving that. This is supposed to be a simple focused way to engage with your team or employees. The message here is the key, not your video production skills. Take your time and note down prior to starting your board what you are trying to achieve, and once you are finished look back at the video and decide for yourself, whether or not you achieved the task you set out to do.

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