How Online Businesses Are Crushing It

Online business seems to be taking over the traditional way of buying and selling, which is walking into stores and making purchases.

Seemingly simple products like safety razors and top beard trimmers have made it to the top of the list of the fastest-selling online products. It is easy to find these items in any store, especially the razors, but people prefer to buy them online. The question asked is, why would people rather make these purchases online rather than buy it from a store?

The safety razors sold online seem to be a reasonable amount cheaper than the ones sold in stores. American manufacturers of safety blades generate an annual revenue of $2.6 billion. Top companies like Gillette have a monopoly of the market, and their prices are relatively high. But a few startup companies have come forward to disrupt the monopoly. Competitors have created a market for themselves by creating cheaper versions of the popular blades and selling them at a low price.

Most of the online companies do not spend a lot of money on advertising the way big companies do. This could be one of the things that contribute to the online product being cheaper than the traditional sold by the big companies. Another example of this is with natural mattresses in Dallas as this is a booming market but it’s booming more due to online awareness than just having a physical location. Most people in the area are searching online before purchasing, this is a trend that is only going to grow as well. 

Some of the companies have simply remodeled older versions of safety blades and made them look like new trendy ideas to the public. The Rockwell razor campaign took the safety blade back to the era of wet shaving, where safety blades were inserted in heavy, steel, safety razors. This particular razor has become quite popular, and it does not help that it is cheap. Innovations like this help push the popularity of online razor sales. Just like things like testosterone boosters will help build muscle, heavy, steel safety razors are going to be appealing to men. 

The same goes for top beard trimmers which can be found online at just the click of a button. Male grooming companies have been making a killing with their products. There are specific kinds of top beard trimmers for different beard sizes. 

Some trimmers are only good for short beards. The beard guides work differently for each consumer. While there are trimmers that work better with bushy beards.  Some people want one that runs on less power; others look at the type and quality of the blades. The charge time and battery life are also important when considering the purchase of beard trimmers.

Companies have taken advantage of all these consumer variances to come up with quality, affordable products for consumers. Once you are able to come up with a package that has theses different qualities and is affordable, then you have caught your consumer base.

The fact that startups are coming up quickly has made market leaders of these products uncomfortable as consumers are quickly moving to the more affordable, online alternative, as the products can easily be delivered to their doorsteps rather than physically searching for the perfect one in a store.

With the knowledge that there will never be a scarcity of men needing grooming for their beards, whether cleanly shaven or trimmed, online sales of these safety razors and top beard trimmers will always be booming. Another thing that has been happening as well is these businesses are getting into fitness related products as well because men who take care of their beards are probably interested in fitness products and some are now selling top powerlifting wrist wraps in 2017 and other fitness related products. Always looking to expand offerings is the new wave of the future coming along. 

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