The folks at this magazine believe it’s important to practice what you preach. So we are proud to say this Proximity was released at Version Festival, one of our many projects.


Lit Column: Marie Noe Tells You About Her Kids

Always thought babies were dumb. Always did. Bald globey heads and gums dripping spit. Nothing behind the eyes but want.

Artist Write: Thinking While Making Things

WE AS ARTISTS MUST SEE OURSELVES AS RECEIVERS, conductors and generators of the energy that we call art.


This Isn’t Country Time: Stephanie Weiner’s Revolutionary Lemonade Stand

At a workers’ rights fundraiser, under a tent, in the pouring rain, artist and activist Stephanie Weiner told a story that cracked me up and gave her a wealth of artistic credibility, at least in my personal opinion. She told me how she was driving around and noticed a kid sporting one of her designs. […]



There seems to be an incredible amount of enthusiasm for projects developing alternative economies, education, food, artworlds, and the other infrastructures that organize daily life.

A Consideration for a Social Settlement: A Brief Early History of the Stockyard Institute

After 15 years, the Stockyard Institute has become an incidental practice as well – one that uses the eyes of many curators and situation organizers to open up experiences


Operation First Causualty: An Interview with Aaron Hughes

Much of the work was about his personal experiences in the Middle East and trying to make sense of the war and his own involvement.