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PR #2 SUMMER 2009
Spread: A Survey of Artist-Run Spaces 1984-2009
(Download full-spread as a PDF inside!)

Artist-Run Spaces: A Brief History Since 1984
Generally, artists would rather make art than assume the administrative duties of operating a gallery. When compelled by external factors, like a perceived lack of exhibition opportunities or the immediate needs of a community, artists fill in the gaps between social groups, commercial galleries, and cultural institutions.

PR #1 SPRING 2009
Spread: Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene
Set of questions to ask ourselves & our art world in order to diagnose our scene’s “health”. (Download full spread as a PDF inside!)

Paul Chan Interview
Paul Chan’s digital videos and projects combine outsider art, surrealism, and popular culture in dystopian visions engendered by events of grave social injustice.

Primal Dildo
REVIEW: Paul Nudd and Nick Black at Antena – Feb/Mar 2009

REVIEW: Deborah Simon – Packer Schopf Gallery – Jan/Feb 2009