Tips for Professional Minneapolis Ice Dam removal

Initially, ice dams appear on the roof in the form of seemingly harmless icicles. With time, what seemed harmless evolves into a phenomenon that is capable of wrecking your roof. More, when fully developed the ice dams will be a huge threat to the structural integrity of your entire home. For this reason, professional Minneapolis ice dam removal is necessary before the problem worsens. Removing them is a dangerous task. The actual removal should never be postponed to the end of winter. This is because leaving ice dams on the roof for one more day, week or month increases the chances of destroying the roof and paying more for replacements.

Remove Ice Dams Immediately

It is good to reiterate the point that ice dam removal should happen immediately. Whether you opt to do it yourself or hire a professional roofer, the fact is it should not be on the roof any longer. As previously stated, ice dams can cause extensive damages. Apart from that, the actual removal might also damage the roof. This happened when the person hired for the project does not take the necessary precautionary measures to safeguard the roof. The crew that is performing this job has to examine the roof thoroughly before commencing the removal. This is because each roof is different.

Study Roofing Type and Materials First

The roofing material determines whether the crew will climb/step on the roof to remove ice dams or use other means. Slate, metal and glass roofing material are not worth stepping on as they could crack or collapse under the weight or pressure you apply to it. For such homes, the crew removing ice dams has to work from a ladder. A bit of man-lift is also necessary to avoid the likelihood of applying any form of pressure on the roof. Apart from the materials, one also has to consider the height of the roof. This information helps the crew to decide on the kind of ladder to bring along for Minneapolis ice dam removal.

Be Ready with Plenty of Water

Ice dam removal requires the use of water. Water is necessary when using steam blasters for ice removal. In some cases – and depending on the size of the ice dam – clobbering the ice using hammers and chisel would be understandable. Hammers and chisels have to be used cautiously as they are capable of damaging the shingles extensively. The best way of removing ice dams is with steam. It is impossible to remove with steam if water is unavailable. Therefore, you may have to turn the water spigot on during winter to ensure the crew that is working hard on the roof has ample supply of water.

Use Right Equipment

This work is impossible to do without the right equipment, which ought to include the following:

  1. Metal grain shovel (heavy duty)
  2. High-pressure steamer hose
  3. Roof shovels (poly-edged)
  4. Steamer wands
  5. Garden hose
  6. Heat gun
  7. Electric extension cord
  8. Climbing harness
  9. Climber’s rope
  10. Extension ladder
  11. Step ladder
  12. Roof rake
  13. Fire extinguisher
  14. Thread tape
  15. Anti-freeze bucket
  16. Gallon of CLR
  17. Granular ice melt
  18. Rain gear
  19. Warm clothes

If you feel unqualified to do this work, do not hesitate to hire professional contractors who have the skills, experience, and tools needed for Minneapolis ice dam removal. Remember, it is dangerous work. The roof is already quite slippery thus capable of causing falls and slips that lead to accidents, injuries, damages to the property and death. Be safe while on the roof. Ice dams tend to form during winter when the conditions are horrible for attempting DIY projects. For this reason, it is better to be safe than sorry by hiring professionals who know what they are doing.

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