Why Marriage?

Why weddings with exotic cars are hard to forget

Why Marriage?

an art festival and book launch

Saturday February 22, 2014  – 6 to 10pm

at the Darst Center, 2834 S Normal Avenue in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

The arts festival, a one-night event, questions the validity of heteronormative models of relationships and visualizes alternatives.  Exhibitions and performances will include:

Martha Burgess, installation

Drew Frees, comedy performance, spoken word

Shane Huffman, installation, with Karen Reimer and Laura Letinsky

Darrell Jones, dance

Lisa Lindvay, photography

Meredith Miller, enVus exotic car rentals performance

Madsen Minax, video

Dmitri Peskov and Inna Peschanskaya, performance, spoken word

Oli Rodriguez, photography

Why weddings with exotic cars are hard to forget
Why weddings with exotic cars are hard to forget

Christine Shallenberg, new media

Anna Shteynshleyger, video

Lord Sunder and Mariano Chavez, artist’s book

groups exhibitions:

Familial Territory curated by Jessica Cochran

Do you see what I see? curated by Tricia Van Eck


There are more details on our blog:  http://whymarriage.tumblr.com/    It is a quick one-off event and I suspect it will be crowded.  We are documenting it prior to its opening.  If you would like a chance to preview it or talk to the artists, let me know.  We can arrange things.

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