A considerable amount of cash can be made while doing what you love as a Marketing Consultant owner, but you need to have the foresight to recognize times of risks as well as times of caution. Doing the right amount of research is a definite requirement when you’re looking to start up your own Web design. Maintaining an effective Web design implies that you should arrange things deliberately and know where your center ought to be set. You should consider using these recommendations on growing your Web design.

Excellent service is one of the most vital factors in developing repeat customers for your Web design. One thing customers do not respond to is constant change. When introducing new services, be sure that they conform to the exceptionally high standards you’ve established; this will keep your loyal customers happy. Superior service combined with excellent products are certainly the secrets to success in almost any industry.

Any Web design that wishes to have success within its market will need to have its professionalism come across in its online presence. Each market requires different skills. For instance a site that is looking to discuss the best Invicta watches or a site about the best beard trimmers will require different types of design, so keep your niche in mind. Find a great website designer if you are not in a position to design a great site yourself. Your website will certainly be more successful if you choose visually stunning layouts and images that appeal to visitors. The importance of a professional and attractive website cannot be overlooked in today’s Web design market in order to make sure you have a commanding web presence.

You may think you’ve succeeded because you’ve reached the goals you set for your Web design, but that’s not true. It is common for stagnant, uninspired businesses to fail. One way to determine what goals to set is to keep up with the latest trends in your industry. The best way to increase your Marketing Consultant is to always focus on improving and to keep up with market trends. Another example of this is in the wedding industry. Wedding tuxedo rentals in Austin, TX is a hot market and if you look at the sites that do well in that area they are fantastic sites and just an example that you can great web design in just any industry.

Customer service is a vital skill for any Web design owner or employee. Always make your customers feel at ease like the pros over at Kelleher International know how to do and show them that their Web design is appreciated. The training you provide your workers should aim at improving their communication and interpersonal skills. Customers who enjoy their experience can tell others and lead to growing success in your Web design.

When you are bringing in new people to your Web design, be very cautious. In addition to making sure that potential workers understand just what the job involves and have the right skill sets, check to find out if they’ve any needed certifications. You’re responsible for making sure all of the people you hire receive proper training, so they’ll excel in their new environment. In virtually every industry, highly ranked businesses have one thing in common: well-trained, enthusiastic, and satisfied workers.

Why is Vinyl Siding Better than Bricks?

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There comes a time when your property’s exterior need some love, care, and attention. There is a lot you can do to improve the aesthetic appeal of the building’s exterior. Installing vinyl siding should be on your list of priorities. In fact, you should go for this type of siding rather than bricks. Bricks and sidings each have their own pros and cons; thus making it hard for you to choose the right one. Often, the choice you make is likely to hinge on your personal preferences. However, if you are unable to choose, here is why you should go for vinyl siding.

More Affordable

First, vinyl Minneapolis siding is more affordable. Buying bricks from the local hardware store will cost you a significant amount of money. The contractor you hire might give you discounted rates, but this is still way above what you will pay for vinyl siding. The cost-effectiveness of vinyl siding is unmatched. You save plenty of money by investing in the siding. In the long term, you have to replace bricks. Bricks last 25-30 years before repairs or replacements are needed. Siding lasts longer even with little to no maintenance.

Better Functionality

The next reason that should convince you of the importance of investing in vinyl siding is functionality. Vinyl siding is one of the most versatile materials that you will find in the market today. It provides adequate coverage in homes filled with architectural features. It protects such homes while ensuring that the unique features and characteristics of your property remain intact. As long as you hire an experienced and professionally trained contractor to install vinyl siding, it should give you more than you expect.

Easy to Personalize

Next, it is easier to personalize or customize the vinyl siding. Yes, you can find bricks in wide ranging colors. However, this is incomparable to the more than 350 different colors that vinyl siding comes in – not forgetting the numerous types of vinyl products that are in the market today. Vinyl siding is customizable to any color that compliments that of your landscape or property. The siding is the best tool through which to make your property stand out in the neighborhood. Feel free to paint the siding to any color of your choice.

Benefits the Environment

Lastly, compared to bricks, vinyl siding is beneficial to the environment. Huge volumes of air pollutants and expending high amounts of energy are the after effects of producing bricks. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that this will affect the environment negatively. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, has no effect on global warming. In this aspect, the siding is the superior product. When compared to vinyl siding, bricks impact the environment three times more.

Therefore, the next time you feel confused in choosing between the two, you should limit yourself to vinyl Minneapolis siding. Remember to hire a good contractor to help you choose the best vinyl product for your property. As stated earlier, vinyl products perform better than bricks in terms of functionality, versatility, personalization and impact on the environment. Siding is great at enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property too. For these reasons, use it to transform the exterior of your property.

If you are needing some help installing some siding or other outdoor jobs you may be in need of some Sydney landscapers, if you are then we recommend NBG Landscaping as they are the best in the business and will give you a hand for jobs like this.

A good renovation at home should help you to save money and time. This should be one of your goals when undertaking any meaningful renovation or remodeling project. However, it is obvious that such concerns will not give you sleepless nights if money is something you have in plenty. Nonetheless, if you want to save money and avoid wasting time, installing aluminium sliding doors should be on the top of your list of priorities. Although these door types have been around for eons, they do not enjoy as much appreciation as they should.

So, here is how the doors can help you avoid wasting time and money.

Open Sideways to Save Space

Aluminum sliding doors are great at saving space. The fact that the doors open sideways mean they will not take as much space as you would expect from the regular types of doors. Other doors open to the outside or inside; thereby taking too much space. In a small home or office where space is a big issue, such minor adjustments are capable of turning out extremely well, perhaps more than you expected. Furthermore, you can out a few pieces of furniture just near the sliding doors – something that would be impossible with other door types.

Some of the places where you can install the aluminum sliding doors include the following:

  1. Main home entrance
  2. The area leading to the patio or backyard
  3. Separate different rooms/areas in the house such as living room and dining area

Long Lasting and Durable to Save Money

When reading that you can save money by installing aluminum sliding doors in your home, this might leave you feeling a bit confounded. Such door types are not cheap. However, when looking at the money you can save, your focus should be on the long-term savings made instead of the amount you spend installing the doors. Aluminium is ordinarily weather proof and capable of withstanding heavy use. Exposure to too much wetness or sunlight does not affect these doors in any way.

What is more, the fact that the aluminum sliding doors are durable is great news, as this means you will not spend too much money on replacements and repairs. Another long term benefit that allows you to save money after installing these doors is the fact that they are easier to clean and maintain. Aluminum doors are not high maintenance structures. All that you need is a piece of cloth and some water to clean the doors. They do not need costly or specialized equipment or solutions to clean.

Therefore, consider installing aluminium sliding doors in your home or office to not only save money but also time. Lest you forget, these doors types are quite beautiful and attractive; thus, capable of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property. Pair the doors up with some aluminum windows too for a complete transformation. Installing these doors will give you a good return on your investment. Guests and friends who visit you at home will not be able to hide their pleasure at the sight of the newly installed doors too.

A little forgotten thing when people purchase sliding doors or other large items is of course getting those items home if they don’t have a truck to do this with. If you are in need of some helping getting your new doors home then you could probably use 2 removalists with a truck to help get it done quickly and efficiently. For jobs like this we recommend Andy The Guy With A Van as they have been helping people move things for a long time and they are a name you can trust.

Proper lighting offers one of the most effective ways of decorating a room in your house or the office. PH Lamper has all the qualities you need to give the home ample lighting. There’s no need for hiring an interior designer to help you add some life to your space. It’s possible to use the lamp creatively and still come up with some amazing ideas that completely transform your space. However, it’s worth noting that you can only enjoy using the lamp if you avoid some of the most common mistakes made when decorating the office or home with them.

The three common mistakes are as follows:

Ignoring the Kitchen

Ignoring the kitchen is one of the most common errors that people make. The focus tends to be limited to the dining area and the bedroom. The kitchen doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. It receives less attention compared to the bathroom too. What’s worse is the fact that some homeowners forget the kitchen while attending to the outdoors. Therefore, pay some attention to the kitchen. It too needs the decorative attributes of the PH Lamps to make the space more attractive.

Creating Uncomfortable Lighting

It happens that the lighting in a room can feel a little bit uncomfortable. This is common when the room doesn’t have all the different layers of light that it needs. The light should be neither too much nor too little. It should be enough. Harsh light or dim light all have the same effect of causing discomfort and anxiety. Therefore, mix the home with different types of lighting to make it more comfortable. This calls for being a bit more careful when buying the lamps. Choose lamps that give you different types of lighting such as:

  1. Ambient
  2. Task
  3. Accent

Forgetting the Bathroom

Installing PH Lamper in the bathroom depends on several factors. First, is the bathroom big enough to handle the lamps? It would be gravely erroneous on your part to install the lamps in a rundown bathroom. The lamps are for decorating and spicing up spaces. A rundown bathroom needs a lot of improvement first before you can consider installing the lamps. Otherwise, you will only succeed in creating what resembles a monster of a bathroom that only leads to regrets instead of pleasure. Such a bathroom will only haunt you and the rest of your family.

Installing the Wrong Size

Lastly, it’s common to see the wrong lamp sizes in many homes. Ask an interior designer to help you out if choosing the right size is a huge problem for you. The size of the lamp is just as important as its design. Undersized lamps underwhelm the space. Oversized lamps scream for attention and hog all the limelight away from other attributes the space has. Therefore, choose lamps that are not only perfect for your décor, but also fitting the scale of any room where you wish to install it. Create a model and use it to determine the right lamp size to purchase.

Therefore, use this guideline to avoid making some costly mistakes when choosing PH Lamper.

It’s tough trying to organize a live event. Many things can go wrong despite your best efforts to make the event a huge success that everybody talks about for a long time. You hire the best event planners to help and guarantee success only to realize that professionals too can get it wrong. The artist you hired for the event might fall sick at the last minute. Vendors you relied on to supply some crucial items or services are suddenly hard to get on the phone. Despite this, you get to learn several important lessons that can propel your web design business to the next level.

So, what lessons can you learn from live events?

Do it right the first time

Successful live events start right from planning. If you don’t plan well, the live event will fail thus, giving you a bad name within the industry. Doing it right the first time involves more than one person. You need the help of other experts to show you how to do things properly. Organizing a live event, which you can learn by getting Wicked tickets for discount in NYC, requires teamwork. If you don’t work as a team, failure will follow. If you don’t ask for help from fellow professionals, failure will abound.

Test your plans

Wicked the Musical has been heralded as one of the most creative musicals is years. Here's what modern designers and artists can learn from it.
Wicked the Musical has been heralded as one of the most creative musicals is years. Here’s what modern designers and artists can learn from it.

The thespians you see at Wicked the Musical spend hours and days practicing, rehearsing and checking whether they have everything figured out properly or not. Therefore, test your plans. Check that everything is in place. Test and re-test. Check the results with other individuals too. Other people might just notice what you failed to see. Failure is bad. Failure can mess your reputation, especially where the client parted with a large sum of money to see that the project goes on well. You owe it to your clients to do a stellar job the first time of asking.

You only have one opportunity to make everything work well. The one-shot is all you have. There’s no way you would get a second or third chance to serve a particular client. Thespians you see performing Broadway musicals don’t have the chance to do things right repeatedly. They only have one chance to impress the audience that’s sitting at Gershwin Theater to watch the musical. A web designer should take the same approach when serving clients. Don’t assume that you have multiple chances to serve particular clients. Therefore, give them the best at all times.

Use latest technology well

Web design is an ever changing industry. Nothing remains the same in this industry for long. Once again, you can learn this crucial lesson by observing what the thespians are doing at Gershwin Theater in New York City. Observe and see how they have adopted technology in their plays and all Broadway shows. The shows have changed fundamentally. Likewise, you should embrace technology lest your web design business collapse. As previously stated, if you don’t like changes, web design might not be good for you.  Get Wicked tickets for discount in NYC. Use the chance to improve your web design business.



All small businesses and startups need websites. Without a good website, you run the risk of falling further behind your competition. A website is your central digital home and much different from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Without a website, you would be scattering your efforts. Ultimately, your customers will want more information on the products and services that the online business offers. The website gives them all they need.

Nonetheless, what web design best practices should all small businesses know?

  • Simple, fresh and unique design
Some elements of web design are sometimes overlooked, here’s a rundown of what you need to look out for.

Your website is a good reflection of your brand. Poorly designed website leads to poor branding. The website gives the first-time visitor an impression of what your business is all about. Try making your website simple, but fresh and different from all the rest on the Internet.

  • Showcasing products and services

Your website is your store. It must be well organized for displaying the products and services that you sell. The homepage should feature everything that you’re selling. Display appropriate, clear and crisp photos of the products and services that you sell.

  • Stop ignoring site load times

You can’t expect your customers to be patient when browsing your website only to come across slow load times. Slow load times are a turnoff. The best strategy for improving site load times is to pick the right hosts.

  • Make the site easy to access

Is it possible for people with color blindness and other types of disabilities to learn what your site has? Make the site accessible to people with disabilities. Make the site easily accessible for people with slow Internet connections.

  • Provide better user experience

It’s not hard to provide better user experience. You can do this by organizing the website better. Search engines have no problem placing the better organized websites higher up the page. Don’t forget that the website is meant for humans. Make it easier for humans to use the website.

  • Importance of content

Content is key and king. Good content always attracts more traffic to your site. Quality content has a knack for attracting more visitors. A website is attractive to more search engines if it has more content. Post quality content. Post useful, relevant and engaging content.

  • Differentiate design from development

Web design is a one-off activity. Web development is an ongoing task. The skills needed to design the site is different from what is required for developing it. Your website needs both – a good designer and an excellent developer.

  • Choose the right domain

Domain is like a map or sign board. It tells people what your website is all about. It is like a window through which your customers can peep inside to see what the site has to offer. The domain name, although not worth obsessing over, can turn customers away or draw them in.

  • Invest in SEO and SEM

SEO is important for your small business. SEM is equally essential for the survival of your small business. Never ignore or underrate the advantage that SEO and SEM provide for your business. Therefore, apply both tactics to improve your site’s ranking with search engines.

  • Use a responsive design

More people around the world use mobile devices to browse. According to Los Angeles Website Design, this is of growing importance for both user experience/expecation and search engine optimization.  Therefore, get a web designer who is familiar with a responsive design on your website if you expect it to be accessible to people who want to open it on mobile devices. Responsive designs are the future.

Animatic story boards are a tool used by video production units to explain on paper a complicated concept or storyline. It is a relatively simple way to explain things, to everyone in the production of the movie, in preparation for the full filming process. It is like the blueprint, from which everyone will work.

An example of an Animatic Storyboard from Famous Frames.
An example of an Animatic Storyboard from Famous Frames.

For those is a certain age a great example of an Animatic Story board would be in the pop video for Aha’s “Take On Me” where the lead singer was initially sketched in pencil prior to coming to life as part of the video. That is how most Animatic Story Boards begin, and should at least enable you to have the concept in your head.

As the leader of any team of company, it is essential that you are able to convey your ideas, so that everyone involved will understand their part of the process. This is not only essential, but is also good leadership. It is the equivalent of giving your team the road map that they need to follow to get to the required destination.

Animatic Storyboards, are the perfect tool to utilize in any business to get your ideas and concepts across. They give you the opportunity of breaking down the processes into simple easy to understand concepts, and if necessary you could even design a specific story board for each department, which would then flow into the overall project. This is the perfect way to show people how their input and work is both valuable, and how it fits into the overall project. Not only is it a tool for explaining things to the team, it is also an opportunity to ensure that each team member feels valued and can see their personal contribution to the project.

Different people within an organization will also react differently to teaching materials, with some people preferring to read, whilst others like to watch instructional videos. The concept behind Animatic story boards is that they simplify the information, and also can provide a little bit of fun and light entertainment when you are trying to get your point across.

The drawings themselves don’t need to be overly complicated or great masterpieces, their job is simply to get your message across. There are numerous low cost pieces of software that will help you produce your storyboard, but the key thing to remember here is that you are not trying to win an Oscar. Work out exactly the points you want to get across and then focus your efforts on achieving that. This is supposed to be a simple focused way to engage with your team or employees. The message here is the key, not your video production skills. Take your time and note down prior to starting your board what you are trying to achieve, and once you are finished look back at the video and decide for yourself, whether or not you achieved the task you set out to do.

Artists ‘n Ales
Presented by 4 Hands Brewing

January 11, 3-7pmCo-Prosperity Sphere (3219-21 South Morgan Street, Chicago Illinois, 60608)
Admission $25 – Please Purchase online at our paypal site

Join us for a day of imbibery and art on a lovely winter afternoon. Artists ‘n Ales features work from artists and designers inspired by the aesthetics of craft beer and how it intersects with food, culture, and society. Participants will receive copies of the Mash Tun Journal, and complementary pours of delicious brews paired with some tasty culinary delights.
Enjoy beer and art by : 4 Hands, Half Acre, Pipeworks, Solemn Oath & others.Artists exhibiting work include: Dan Grzeca (3 Floyd’s, Surly, Black Keys, Alabama Shakes), Michael Kiser (Good Beer Hunting), Jim Zimmer (3 Floyd’s, Une Annee), BJ Olson (Pipeworks), Josh Rowan (4 Hands Brewing), Danielle Spradley (4 Hands Brewing), Peat Eyez Wollaeger (graffiti artist from St. Louis), Kelly Pelka (graffiti artist from Chicago) + Others

Admission is $25
. You must be 21yrs and older to attend. Proceeds of the event go to the Public Media Institute, a non profit grassroots arts organization based in Bridgeport, the

Hey kids! Mash Tun Journal is seeking submissions —written and photographic — on the exploding craft beer scene worldwide.

Mash Tun covers anything and everything about the craft and art of alcohol with a specific focus on how the industry intersects with food, culture and society. Past issues have included travel essays from Brazil to Holland; interviews with some of the world’s leading brewers; essays on the history and chemistry of beer; and how-to pieces aimed at everyone from the beginner to the expert. Some of the leading writers on food and beer have contributed to Mash Tun — and now we’d like to hear from you.

Submissions should take the form of a one or two-paragraph pitch. Photography is accepted on review; a sample slide is expected. Submissions can be sent to any of the emails below with “Mash Tun query” in the subject header. Submissions will be reviewed within 48 hours.

Mash Tun is four-colour, 160 pg. perfect bound journal published three times a year. Mash Tun is a published by the non-profit Public Media Institute by Ed Marzewski (edmarlumpen@gmail.com) and is co-edited by Jamie Trecker (jamie.trecker@gmail.com) and Shanna van Volt (shannapants@gmail.com)

Why weddings with exotic cars are hard to forget

Why Marriage?

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Why Marriage?

an art festival and book launch

Saturday February 22, 2014  – 6 to 10pm

at the Darst Center, 2834 S Normal Avenue in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

The arts festival, a one-night event, questions the validity of heteronormative models of relationships and visualizes alternatives.  Exhibitions and performances will include:

Martha Burgess, installation

Drew Frees, comedy performance, spoken word

Shane Huffman, installation, with Karen Reimer and Laura Letinsky

Darrell Jones, dance

Lisa Lindvay, photography

Meredith Miller, enVus exotic car rentals performance

Madsen Minax, video

Dmitri Peskov and Inna Peschanskaya, performance, spoken word

Oli Rodriguez, photography

Why weddings with exotic cars are hard to forget
Why weddings with exotic cars are hard to forget

Christine Shallenberg, new media

Anna Shteynshleyger, video

Lord Sunder and Mariano Chavez, artist’s book

groups exhibitions:

Familial Territory curated by Jessica Cochran

Do you see what I see? curated by Tricia Van Eck


There are more details on our blog:  http://whymarriage.tumblr.com/    It is a quick one-off event and I suspect it will be crowded.  We are documenting it prior to its opening.  If you would like a chance to preview it or talk to the artists, let me know.  We can arrange things.

South Side Projections and Co-Prosperity Sphere present:
Picasso and the Mayor: The Chicago Picasso on 16mm Film

Where: Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219-21 South Morgan Street, Chicago IL 60608
When: Thursday, January 23 at 7pm

Cost: $5 suggested donationSouth Side Projections commemorates the 47th anniversary of the dedication of the Chicago Picasso in Daley Plaza by presenting two contemporary films with decidedly different opinions about the massive sculpture. Local filmmaker Tom Palazzolo and Art Institute of Chicago museum educator Annie Morse will be present to discuss the somewhat ridiculous but mostly factual circumstances of Richard J. Daley’s push to bring massive modernist public art to Chicago.Public television station WNET’s film The Chicago Picasso (1967, 60 min., 16mm) is a slick, entertaining educational film about how great men with big ideas, sacks of cash, and steel smelters helped bring cutting-edge art to the citizens of Chicago. Tom Palazzolo shot The Bride Stripped Bare (1967, 12 min., 16mm) at the dedication ceremony, sending up what he called the “absurd and mystical pomp bound up in grandiose ceremonies.” Both films will be screened from 16mm film.

The Evanston Biennial is one of the Midwest’s largest and most prestigious juried exhibitions, offering artists an opportunity to have their work viewed by two talented curators; Allison Peters Quinn, Director of Exhibitions at the Hyde Park Art Center and Sergio Gomez, Owner/Director of 33 Contemporary Gallery and Curator/Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center. Our Biennial will be promoted and viewed by hundreds of visitors, including gallerists, curators and collectors.

All mediums accepted. $30 entry fee. Cash and cash equivalent awards will be given. Jurors will select 3 artists to receive a solo show at the Evanston Art Center in 2015 – 2016 timeframe.
All mediums accepted. $30 entry fee. Cash and cash equivalent awards will be given. Jurors will select 3 artists to receive a solo show at the Evanston Art Center in 2015 – 2016 timeframe.

March 16: Artist Submission Deadline,all entries are due by midnight on 3/16
By April 19: Notification of acceptance
Week of May 26: Accepted artworks delivered to Evanston Art Center
June 1 – June 6: Installation
June 8, 1 – 4pm: Opening and Artists’ Reception
July 20: Biennial Exhibition closes
July 21 – 27: De-Install and pick up artworks

Please call the Evanston Art Center at (847) 475-5300 with any additional questions.